Berlin on a Budget


Travelling to Berlin does not have to be expensive. There are many cheap or even free things for the sightseer to discover when visiting Berlin.

Reichstag Dome

The Reichstag Dome is a glass dome constructed on the top of the rebuilt Reichstag Building. The dome offers 360° views of the surrounding area. The dome is free to visit, however, you do need to register and book prior to visiting. The Reichstag Building, currently houses the Bundestag, the lower house of Germany’s Parliament. When visiting the dome, the main hall of the Reichstag Building can be seen below.


Guided Bus Tours

There are several different companies offering guided bus tours around Berlin. They offer audio guides in a variety of languages and most work on a hop-on hop-off system so you can easily travel between attractions. A 24-hour adult ticket costs approximately £20 (€24 / $28) All tours visit the main sites such as Check Point Charlie, The Berlin Wall Memorial, Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building.


Free Walking Tours

If you fancy seeing the city on foot, Original Berlin Tours offer a free 3.5-hour walk tour. Tours are daily and visit the major tourist attractions around the city. Spaces on the tours are limited so booking is advisable if you definitely want to take part.


Topographie des Terrors

The Topographie des Terrors is an indoor and outdoor museum. It is located on the former site of the SS Reich Security Main Office, which during the Nazi regime was the headquarters for the Sicherheitspolizei, SD, Einsatzgruppen and Gestapo. The museum has 3 permanent exhibitions as well as other temporary or special exhibitions. Admission to the museum is free.


Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum

The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp was designed by the SS architects and founded in 1936 by prisoners from the Emsland camps. It was conceived as a model extermination camp, where the ideas of National Socialism were to be projected and the SS could subject their power on the convicts. After the end of World War II, the Soviets took over the concentration camp imprisoning Nazi prisoners and people who did not agree with Soviet Union ideals. The camp was dismantled in 1950 and a National Memorial was set up 11 years later. Sachsenhausen is approximately 23 miles outside of Berlin and the journey takes 30 minutes by train, followed by a 10-minute bus journey or a 30-minute walk. Entry to the Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum is free of charge. However, a guided tour, which is recommended will cost approx. ¢20. This cost also includes transport from the Brandenburg Gate.



Berlin Wall Memorial

The memorial consists of 3 parts – an outdoor exhibit, a visitor centre and a documentation centre with a lookout tower. The visitor centre and the start of the wall can be found at the Nordbanhof S-Bahn Station. All 3 parts of the memorial are free of charge and you do not need to book a ticket before visiting.


Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the most well know border crossing point between Communist East Berlin and the American controlled West during the Cold War.  It is free to visit the outdoor replica of Checkpoint Charlie. The Maur Museum is located nearby and covers the history of both Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall. There is an admission fee to enter the Maur Museum.

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is an 18th Century neoclassical monument in Berlin. It was a symbol of Berlin and German division during the Cold War. It is now seen as a symbol of peace and unity. Brandenburg Gate is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Berlin and offers one of the best views of the city.


The prices and information in the post are correct at the time of publication. However, due to possible changes because of Coronavirus restrictions etc opening hours and prices may be subject to change.

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