Staycations: Taking Time Off to Stay Home


A staycation according to the Cambridge Dictionary is:

“a holiday that you take at home or near your home rather than travelling to another place.”


Staycations first became popular in the UK in 2009 as a weak pound sterling made overseas holidays significantly more expensive. However, the boom in staycations came in 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic when international travel was pretty much stopped. The Independent newspaper in February 2021 reported that staycation surge sees UK holiday bookings jump by 300%

At first glimpse, a staycation might not sound like much fun. However, when you consider all the activities you can squeeze into your staycation at vastly decreased costs, you’ll see that staying home is a great way to spend your vacation.

Once you and your family decide to take a staycation, make some plans in advance about how all of you wish to spend your time together. Because you’ll be staying home, you have the opportunity to select several different activities over a few days or weeks. You may want to start with suggestions from the list below as you think about how to spend your staycation.

Get to know your own community and what it offers

Ever wanted to check out some of the tourist attractions in your hometown? Make a list of the local attractions you want to see and then go to the ones that interest you most.




Visit a local business you want to experience

For example, what about that new, expensive restaurant across town? You may have thought you wouldn’t ever go there, but it’s certainly less expensive than a traditional vacation!

As you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on travel, hotels, and 3 meals a day for your whole family, you may have enough financial resources to try a new restaurant or another local business that intrigues you.



Re-connect with family and friends who live locally

So often, life just seems to take over. Before you know it, it’s been months or even years since you’ve seen your friends or family members.




Have a family game day on your staycation

Pick at least one whole day to do nothing but play games and have fun with your kids and/or spouse.

  • Allow each of your kids to select an activity he wants to do with you.
  • Have fun together as a family.
  • Cherish these special times you have with one another.



Spend some quality time with your partner

A day at the beach, a dinner out or a walk in the local park can do wonders for your relationship. Enjoy each other without having to worry about travel and expenditures, or about how to pay off your credit cards when you get back.


Multi-Family Holidays



Have you wanted to see some movies at the local theatre but haven’t had the time?

If you’re movie buffs, catch a few new flicks. If you prefer performing arts, check out the local theatre, opera, or symphony. Speaking of movies, you can also have each person in the family select a DVD of his choice for the whole family to view together. Get the snacks and gather in the family room for your own homegrown movie night.



Complete a home project

Although it’s not for everyone, doing some work around the house might bring you and your family a newly updated room or perhaps a lovely outdoor living area.

  • If you decide to do a home project on your staycation, discuss it with your family in advance to hear their views about it.
  • It’s wise to limit the number of staycation days you spend working on your home project to allow for leisure and recreation, too.



Plan and carry out a garage sale

Indulge in your favourite hobby or help the kids have the sleepover they’ve wanted. The list of activities you and your family can do during your staycation is endless. Use your creativity and imagination to come up with some of your own ideas.

Spending your vacation at home can be adventurous, fun and full of leisure. Taking a staycation just might fit in with your work schedule and home budget this year. Try a staycation. You’ll love it!

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